I’m at the airport in Santiago, Chile, about to fly to Winnipeg. Bike is sold, gear either tossed, given away, or jammed into my bags. I’m done and heading home! I set off for home with a rather empty bank account (budget? Oh, that! It’s busted, in a ditch somewhere in Colombia!) but I feel like the richest man alive with all I’ve seen and learned. Once again, I’ve been changed by a challenge, a journey, a goal achieved. I am incredibly lucky to be living the life I dreamt of as a child, and even luckier that you want to read about it.

Thank you for reading this blog over the past seven months. It’s been a pretty special journey. Not only have I see a good chunk of the world (19 countries!), but I have learned so much about my heritage and who we are as Mennonites. Now to fit that into a book!

Thank you to all those I’ve met along the way. The long-lost cousins, the Mennonites in far flung corners of the Americas, the bikers, the new friends made on ferries, dusty roads, in dodgy hostels, in splendid campgrounds. You, more than anything, made this journey worth the effort.

Many people have sent me notes in the past months. Encouragement, contacts, questions, challenges and advice. I’m sorry if I have not responded, but they were all deeply appreciated. Thank you!

Next up, seeing my first film, The New Northwest Passage, up on the silver screen at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. It plays on Feb 16 and 17, I hope to see some of you there. Then, it’s back home to Hong Kong, where the real work begins…

Keep checking in for updates on the book, film, and my next adventure.

Slow down for curves,
pullover to help those in need.
But never stop,
because there’s even greater things ahead.




So I’m back on the road. I’ve made a few thousand km to the north since leaving Ushuaia. I stopped in Punta Arenes, Chile for a week and thought I had the bike sold, but the buyer backed out at the last moment. So I hit the road and the plan now is to go to Santiago, which allows me to see some of Chile and where there’s a bigger market for the bike. I expect to arrive there in about 1.5-2 weeks from now.

The ride so far is stunning. I’ve been riding up the western border of Argentina, following the Andes and cutting through the heart of Patagonia. It ain’t all bad.

48º North magazine reviews The New Northwest Passage

48º North, a Seattle and NW US sailing magazine, did a story about my book The New Northwest Passage. You can read the story by clicking here. It will open an online pdf viewer at the contents page of the magazine. The article starts on page 44, and the link is the second from bottom on the contents page.

Film screening times

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my film is premiering at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. Visit their website for a full programme and ticket information.

The New Northwest Passage will be screening at North Kildonan MB Church, 1315 Gateway Rd.

Show times are:
Sat, Feb 16, 4pm, Theatre 1
Sun, Feb 17 2pm, Theatre 2