Central American Blur

I’m tired, so a bit short on words. Arrived in Leon, Nicaragua today, after blowing through El Salvador and Honduras in three days of rain, border delays, coffin shops (no, not coffee) mountain roads, hail storms and hotels chosen out of exhaustion and need rather than preference. We slept beside the Pacific, and that means I’ve crossed the continent, sort of, which was a cool realization. Central American borders are nuts and the relentlessly ” helpful” “border agents” drove me to words not suitable for children. Saw a dead body on the road in Honduras, but it was no one I knew. Got pulled over by cops for passing on the shoulder, but my dumb white-guy routine worked. Smell of boots and riding gear suggests there may be a dead rat hidden in them, will inspect. But all is well, we’re making miles, having fun. Plan to spend some time here and in Granada. I want to climb a volcanoe with real lava, so I will, on Sunday. Ate an awesome hamburger for dinner today, and that was all I needed. For now.

Here are a few pix, I’ll write more in a day or so.


Leon Lady


Leon Lady #2


Leon Lady #3


My plan for saving on hotel costs isn’t working out well…




More Leon Ladies


Smoking volcanoes all around…this is just after crossing the border into Nicaragua

20120831-205602.jpgFirst glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, El Salvador


Breakfast stop in Honduras, just before crossing the border into Nicaragua

20120831-205617.jpgBike is still upgright…

20120831-210553.jpgEEl Hato, Guatemala

4 thoughts on “Central American Blur

  1. Hey good to know you are plowing through! I got hit by the storm that was brewing to the north about 15 kms after we parted ways at the border. About 30 kms from the city a severe lightening storm exploded in on top of me! One lightening bolt hit sooooo close to the road that it deafened and blinded me and some electricity passed from my index and middle fingers to my thump. I think it finished discharging on the bike, but no damage was caused to me or the bike. It was terrifying to say the least. Made it home around 7 PM.

    • Wow, scary stuff. Thanks for driving us the border. We ended up driving 100km in the dark and rain to reach a surfer hotel that night. It took us 4 hours to do the El Salvador- Honduras border the next day, but Honduras-Nicaragua was pretty smooth.

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