El Paso

I’ve made a detour to El Paso, hoping to get my rear shock fixed. Several options and possible outcomes now. I’m hoping that Kawasaki will give me a new shock on warranty (although shocks are excempt) given the bike has only 9000km, and all on the highway. Fingers crossed. I don’t expect to be on the road again until Monday, so if you have friends here that I can hook up with, give them a shout, please.

2 thoughts on “El Paso

  1. Hi,Cameron,
    I just read about your detour to El Paso,Tx and your question about connections there.
    I will refer you to my nephew, Kel Kroeker and his wife Denise. Their ph. No. is (915) 845-6795. Kel is not far from being related to you as well, his Mom is a sister to, Lena, Mrs. Wilbert Dueck. I’m sure Kel & Denise would be delighted to see you. Their cell ph.No. 637-1062.
    Hope you get the shocks fixed on your bike.
    Happy Moto Motoring,
    Menno Kroeker

  2. Hi Cameron!
    Good luck with the shock. At least the problem showed up in a place where repairs can be done!
    Trudi and Norman
    PS we left you a note on your Menno Map.

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