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Rhubarb Magazine, which describes itself as an “outlet for the Mennonite voice”, did a review of my book The New Northwest Passage in its Winter 2012 edition. I think it’s one of the best reviews of the book written so far, but it’s fairly positive, so I guess as the author I would like it, wouldn’t I?

Frieda Esau Klippenstein, a Parks Canada historian and an expert in First Nations and fur trading history, writes that “There is a brilliant intensity in the descriptions of the changing scenery, of life on-board the ship, and especially of the people and communities at stops along the way.”

You can download the RHUBARB REVIEW right here.



2 thoughts on “Rhubarb Review

  1. I agree with you: That is an excellent review. Accurate, well spoken & enticing enough to make you want to buy the book. I know I sure would if I didn’t already have 30 or so on my shelf.

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