Turtles and bikers


I’m in Panama, preparing to cross the Darien Gap into South America. This involves getting a Brazilian visa, doing some work on the bike and sorting out a few details that have been left undone on the road. I expect to set sail, with the bike, on the 27th, spend about 5 days on the boat, and then land in Colombia from where I restart my ride.

The last few weeks have been pretty relaxing, but I’m itching to get going and ride a little harder again. I spent a few days on the beach in Costa Rica, watching the greenback turtles come in and lay their eggs. A pretty amazing sight. Then we rode into Panama and met up with 250 bikers from across the region for a few days of biker glory. Photos of both below.

One of the greenback turtles struggling her way up the beach in Costa Rica.


The vultures were eating the turtle eggs...as were the locals, and their dogs. And me.



Roadside waterfall in Costa Rica.

The crazy crowd of bikers camping out in David.

Biker bandito.

A whole lot of bikes. 250, I was told.

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  1. Hi Cameron!
    It’s very interesting to check your whereabouts so keep on reporting about your
    doings.Keep looking up and forwards and we’ll keep on praying.—-The Duecks
    from Mitchell.

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