I arrived in Cuauhtemoc on Tuesday night, and came out to the colony on Wednesday morning. It’s been a very interesting time already. I’m really excited about visiting more colonies now. I found it pretty cool to check into a hotel in low-German…first time I’ve ever been able to do that. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a community that functions entirely in low-German. I’m struggling with the language, but I can feel my German improving already.

I’m planning to visit various Campos in the next few days. Right now I’m at KM 13, but I want to head further north today or tomorrow and visit some of the Kleinde Gemeinde and Old Colony campos. The people I’ve met so far have been incredibly friendly and hospitable and refreshingly honest. I have various invitations for meals, places to stay for the night, community events, camping trips and even met some fellow riders who want to go for a cruise on Saturday. I’m now very excited to see how the coming months unfold.

3 thoughts on “Cuauhtemoc

  1. Hi, Cameron,
    After 4 days of no word from you I was wondering how things had gone after getting into Mexico. Great to hear that all went well and you are enjoying “Mennoniting Your Way”. Just checked with Sharon Dueck at the Credit Union about you and they had no idea either where you were at. But it’s super to hear that all is well. Happy motoring.
    Menno Kroeker

  2. That’s how I remember my visits to that area several years ago. Very friendly. Enjoy your stay. Say hi to Bram if you remember.

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