I rolled into NYC mid-afternoon on Saturday. Well, not really into NYC but rather Hoboken, NJ, where my friend Troy lives. But it’s just across the river from NYC, so it’s practically NYC (that’s what they say around here).

It’s very cool being back here. I lived in NYC from 1999-2001, and I’m slowly remembering places, things, smells, sights. We went and checked out my old apartment building, walked around Central Park, stayed out late talking shit and catching up, ate at the restaurant that was my favorite when I lived here (Moustache), listened to a fantastic and eclectic private gig in a mansion home in Brooklyn (Gabriel Rios, Jeff Taylor, Ruben Samama and Amber Docters Van Leeuwen), ate more fantastic food.

Today I took my bike to a Kawasaki dealership in NJ and got ripped off on an oil change. The shop boys appeared to know less about bikes than I do, and had very little advice to my many questions. I still bought some more gear (tank bag, wheel lock, etc) and rode off. They were duly impressed that I was riding to South America, I was unimpressed with their shitty attitude and service. They charged me for a full service and didn’t even lube my chain.

The next few days will be busy with getting my Explorers Club flag, visiting old friends, buying maps and gear, and then setting off again. I may even get to go for a sail with some of my old sailing buddies…fingers crossed.


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